Monday, August 15, 2011

9 blog:<< Love at first sight…


CHAPTER 1: First meeting


I still remember the day when we came to this new place leaving my old friends in Delhi. It pained a lot to leave that wonderful city but i have to move because my father got transferred. He was in Indian defence services. He got transferred in every 3-4 years. So now i have made a habit of leaving my old friends and making new one. In the span of 16 years i have travelled 6 cities…made lots of friends, lost few of them but now i have adapted it. People say acclimatization is in the genes of army family. Very true.

This time he got transferred to Mizoram. A very beautiful city indeed known for its scenic beauty and culture. When i saw my residence, i was aghast by its ambience. It was beautiful. But on the darker side we just have few neighbours. It was secluded place situated on outskirts of town. A week passed by and i didn’t met anyone and didn’t moved outside either. I used to be in my room all day…all night…writing…reading…chatting and sometimes playing guitar.  My mother used to oblige me to  move outside and make some new friends but i hadn’t listened.

I was sitting on community park ripping off the grass in cool winter. suddenly i noticed a girl heading towards me. She

was beautiful. I hadn’t seen a beautiful girl like her in my whole life. She was like breeze of fresh air.

“hello” She said to me..

“hi” i said half perturbed.

“My name is sneha.. I live next to your house. You are new here i thought i should talk to you..” She introduced herself.

“I am rajat..its so nice of you…” i said looking into her eyes.


first meeting

She was beautiful. she was spunky and she was kind hearted too. I cursed myself for not listening to my mom. Mothers are always right. If i had known that a beautiful girl like sneha lived in my neighbourhood, i would have hugged my dad for taking me to this place.

“This beautiful place has beautiful girls too” i thought.

“So what do you do?” she asked.

“I am studying engineering from VIT and came here for vacations. we just shifted a week back.”

“What about you” i asked..

“I am studying fashion technology from NIFT.“she said..

“Last night you were playing guitar on terrace, it was amazing.” She said flabbergasted.

“Why don’t you came over to my place tonight for dinner.. We will have fun and i will play your favourite tunes…” i said in a single breadth.

“ problem”

“8 o'clock”

“done” She said..


To be continued...                                                                             


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